Safety First: The Benefits of a Welding Helmet

Motor riders, cyclists, and even skateboarders know they need to wear a helmet to protect their head as they travel around San Francisco, and as a welder, you should also know how crucial a welding helmet is.

The Advantages of Wearing a Welding Helmet

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Take note that a welding helm isn’t just worn to protect the head from injuries in case something terrible occurs; it also keeps it safe from radiation like ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays that various metals release when they’re being welded. Wearing a helmet will also protect your face and neck from flash burn, heat, and sparks caused by welding.

As a welder, you should prevent the nasty condition called “arc eye” where the cornea of the eyes is inflamed. If you don’t wear a welding helm, your retina won’t be protected from burns, and you might experience temporary or permanent blindness. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want that.

Types of Helmet

Miller digital elite_IFUDThere are various types of helmets for different tasks. For instance, the welding helmet you need to use when working on your car differs from the helm you need to wear when welding metal instruments in your workshop. This is why it’s significant for you to know what you need by identifying what you’re going to use it for. Make sure you get the right size for your head too!

Safety First

Even though safety should come first before style, you can actually have both if you purchase an auto-darkening helmet. This type of modern helmet eliminates the need to nod down just to lower your helm over your face. An auto-darkening helmet is by far the best welding helmet today since it has a filter that automatically darkens once its sensors detect the bright welding arc. This helmet comes in style, protects your face from all sorts of radiation like UV and IR, has a lens that’s coated with IR- and UV- resistant materials, and saves the time of welders by ruling out the need for adjustments.


You should know that passive helmets (the one with regular lenses) need to be frequently adjusted whenever the welder needs to check the material he’s working on. To have a better view of what he’s doing, he needs to pause welding and lift the helm up with his hand. Then, when he has to weld again, he needs to nod his head and snap the helmet in position. Doing this repetitive task sounds boring and tedious, doesn’t it? With an auto-darkening helm, a welder doesn’t have to make the manual adjustments anymore. The lens will change the shade when necessary and allows the welder to see through what he’s working on when there’s no arc. Sounds pretty convenient for me! So, if you’re concerned about safety and style, I suggest you do yourself a favor by getting an auto-darkening helmet.

Exploring San Francisco

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There’s just something about Fog City that makes it shine brighter than any other kind of light – or at least, a lighthouse.

You see, San Francisco is not just home to the famous Golden Gate Bridge a.k.a. The World’s Most Photographed Bridge, which strategically connects California’s city side of San Francisco and country side of Marin County. You also see, San Francisco is not just home to the infamous Alcatraz Island a.k.a. The Rock, which historically restricted the United States of America’s most notorious criminals.

San Francisco is also home to a myriad of places to go, as well as a myriad of things to do, such as:

The Wave Organ

Located on the San Francisco Bay’s jetty, the Wave Organ is a sculpture that hums each time a wave passes by. It was designed by Peter Richards and sculpted by George Gonzales of the Exploratorium, a public laboratory in SF that explores the world via art and science, back in 1986. It was dedicated to Exploratorium founding director Frank Oppenheimer, who led the Wave Organ’s fundraising efforts but died several months before the sculpture’s construction began.

The Magic Bus

Going on a road trip from San Francisco to Fort Bragg? Go on a road trip around San Francisco, instead. Go on a road trip with the Magic Bus’ very own movie theater and light show, and even rocket ship, while exploring San Francisco like never before. Created by Antenna Theater, you will not just see places like when you’re going on a road trip from one state to another, but also experience things like you’re going on a road trip from one state to another – and yes, in just one place.

Do you know any other myriad of places to go, as well as myriad of things to do, in San Francisco?

Share them with us below!